Nak Souvenier best?

the spirit

~~blogwalking and found out this interesting post from mmr.. want to share here if readers have not read it..

I’d like to point out this great post by Dr. Alex Tang on Andrew’s Letter to his Son about Merdeka

As I watched you and your classmates today, and the kids from all the other kindergartens walk up on stage to receive their certificates, I was reminded that this country of ours, Malaysia, is as much yours as it is mine. God has allowed me and all the other adults in this country a time to take care of it for you. But the day will come when we will have to turn it over to you and your friends.
I hope we won’t have messed up. I pray that we will have the strength and the courage to do the right things, so that we will be able to pass on to you, son, and those of your generation, a country that is successful. Not just rich in the things that we have — the tall buildings, the big houses, the fancy shops. But rich also in our hearts. To share love with one and all, to be kind and decent to others, to be fair and just to everyone, to let anyone who wants to come and live here and do an honest day’s work the right to call this country home.


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