Nak Souvenier best?

Siapa Johari Pain?

Siapa Johari Pain?

ini menjelaskan..(staronline)

KUCHING: A Facebook user who goes by the name Johari Pain is in for a whole lot of pain after he said in a status update that he would cut off his genitals if Pandelela won.
He posted the status on Thursday night and when Pandelela won the bronze medal at about 3am yesterday, the man had tried to apologise but netizens were not so quick to forgive or forget, and are now urging him to keep his words.
An online news portal reported that the status “Gua berani kerat k*** laa klau Pandalela menang mlam nih..” (I dare to cut of my genitals if Pandalela wins tonight) had spread like wildfire on the social network and Twitter.
As at 9.30am yesterday, there were at least five Facebook pages demanding that Johari do the honourable thing. Johari has since deleted the Facebook post before tweeting an apology.


Cikli said...

Dia dah mintak maaf selepas memalukan diri dia sendiri. Cukuplah tu.

vblogklasik said...

Haha.. tu la, ckp men lepas la. Kn dh kena. :D

Aisy Nasiha said...

Kes mcm ni pun ada? Byk saya terlepas sb tak sihat lagi seminggu pun curi masa bila baby tido

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