Nak Souvenier best?



Holla! My short name is yna n this is the third site m on.. Close ppl used to call me, yna.. Im 23.. I just love black and i love simplicity.. I am very ambitious person.. We cant have everything, sometimes theres hidden treasure behind all this which we dont know.. I can be evil on certain things.. I do believe things happen for a reason.. I tend to forget & forgive, but certain things happened cant be forget.. Im sick and tired of Sweet Talkers.. I get EMO easily =( I totally hate people who r thinking dat they are hot n crap.. to me.. the Heart matters da most! I Smile n Laugh 24.7 in front of ppl im comfortable wif.. I dont give attention to others thought.. Im pretty shy foe d 1st time meeting.. U talk I talk, U quite I shut up.. I Sing whatever song I Want.. I can do whatever I want, B with who ever I want.. My life wont change unless HE change it.. I aint need hawt ppl to hang around and thinking y all that n this... it doesnt impress me at all..i love everything about fashion n beautiess n the rest, just let all my posts tell u ;) Im imperfect like others.. Thanx a bunch foe reading.. =)
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