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Tadi lihat gambar kat website MAK LAGENDA MAHSURI.

ini dari Malay Mail.
KUALA LUMPUR: The Bersih 2.0 rally ended at approximately 4.45pm today after an eventful day which saw thousands march towards Stadium Merdeka to call for 'free and fair' election practices.
BUSINESS AS USUAL: Traders in Petaling Street reopening their shops after the rally.

After an almost two-hour standoff at the barricade erected by the authorities near the stadium, demonstrators, hampered by rain and failure to penetrate police and FRU's defensive perimeter, eventually dispersed, bringing an end to the oft times volatile proceedings.
Although police presence is still heavy within the city centre, road blocks and traffic diversions were gradually removed as the city slowly returned to its normal pace.
At its height earlier today, police has estimated that at least eight marches were underway, with protesters believed to number at least 15,000.

Bersih, at a Press conference following the rally, had placed the figure at 50,000 people.


Citarasa Rinduan said...

macam2 hal..
tadi kak sempat masuk pelbagai majalah online..sedih dengan berita hari ini...

sudah tak makmurkah negara kita?

eiela said...

tak taulah, menakutkan..

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