Nak Souvenier best?

MOVING FORWARD. Cube teka tagline siapa..

Sedikit klu..

At Toyota, we share an essential goal with you — the desire to continuously work to get more out of life. We believe that "there's no best... only better", the spirit of which is captured in our brand message, Moving Forward.

Moving Forward describes our passion for innovation and discovery, and the fact that we never allow ourselves to get complacent. It is consistent with our dedication to Kaizen, or "continuous improvement" — our long-standing philosophy of continued progress which resonates through everything we do.

Moving Forward also marks our commitment to the future. Because no matter how much we achieve, there's always a new challenge awaiting us. And as we head into the future, there's only one direction in which we're all moving. Forward.

~bukan klu ni.. jawapan terus!


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