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(PRWEB) April 28, 2011

Kate Middleton’s non-official Royal website,, has garnered international attention and visitors from over 100 countries and high profile news media across the world. Well-respected outlets like, NBC’s The Today Show,, YahooNews, and the San Francisco Chronicle have all picked up on the story of an unlikely team of Canadian bloggers who scooped up Kate’s domain name,, and turned it into a full-service, informative, website dedicated to providing up-to-the minute status updates, live social media interaction, and live blogging on the Royal wedding and everything Kate Middleton.

What began as a lark amongst friends is fast becoming a compelling story on the power of social media and Internet savvy. “We started the site because we thought it would be fun to provide information on Kate and the Royal romance,” says website co-founder Greg Kureluk, “But a few days in we quickly learned that fans and news media across the world held a genuine interest not only in Kate Middleton, but in how a few friends from Canada were able to get their hands on”
The answer to that question is simple: They bought it. For a pauper’s price of less than $2,500, the previously unknown Canadian bloggers now hold ownership of the domain name of the future Queen of England. A remarkable story to be sure. Some might even call it a fairy tale. However unlikely, as interest in the Royal domain continues to build, Greg and his team hope to tell the story of Kate Middleton, her romance with Prince William, and their marriage for years to come.
“The evolution of social media happens at lightening speed,” says Tracey Hill, Lead Content Editor of “The future Queen of England will, no doubt, build her own social media presence and use it philanthropically as she begins to establish herself and her charities. Until that happens, our team is dedicated to providing a one-stop shop for authentic, accurate, and fair information on all things Kate and the Royal romance.”
To learn more about Kate Middleton and the luck group of business partners who manage her domain go to or follow their Twitter account

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