Nak Souvenier best?

Cincin dan Kek ROYAL WEDDING.

~Memang Prince tak pakai cincin kahwin ye?.. Kat Malaysia, pengantin lelaki pakai je kan?..

William will not wear a wedding ring.
Kate’s will be made from the original Welsh gold ingot from Clogau St David’s mine in Bontddu in north Wales that has formed other royal wedding rings. (The late Queen Mother started the custom in 1923. Since then, Queen Elizabeth II in 1947, Princess Margaret in 1960, Princess Anne in 1973, and Princess Diana in 1981, have all exchanged rings using gold from the same nugget.)
The kiss
Will the bridal couple kiss at the balcony of Buckingham Palace, like William’s parents, Charles and Diana, famously did?
The traditional multi-tiered fruitcake, decorated with 17 kinds of flowers, is designed to look “so light that it could float” – by Fiona Cairns, 56, a veteran baker of 25 years.
No one knows how many tiers the cake will have, but there will be no pillars holding them in place. (A special method of keeping the tiers apart has been invented by Rachel Eardley, designer of interiors for Valentino and Moschino, who is known for creating staircases that look as if they are floating.)
Classical, vintage, white and cream colour scheme.
A chocolate biscuit cake is also being made especially for William by McVitie’s.
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