Nak Souvenier best?


Friendster akan diDELETE ye tidak lama lagi. Buat pengetahuan, proses itu akan berlaku hujung bulan Mei ini. Laman tersebut akan men DELETE gambar dan mesej dan bukan keseluruhan. Mungkin dibuat pembaharuan..

Friendster’s plans to strip the service of older material reminded some of Yahoo’s move in April 2009 to pull the plug on GeoCities, an early provider of free Web home pages. At the time, Internet tinkerers and historians worked to keep the site’s millions of pages from disappearing forever. Jason Scott is the founder of a group called the Archive Team that tries to save such online content. He recently rallied efforts to preserve clips from Google Video, which Google is shutting down in favor of the more popular YouTube.
Mr. Scott said that the shuttering of social Web services and online communities was a “critical cultural issue.”
“This is the everyday neural activity of a world, of a society, scooped up and saved,” he said. “To me, that’s completely valuable and worthwhile to make sure it is saved for the future.”
Mr. Scott said his group planned to try to download as much of Friendster’s public data as possible before it is erased at the end of May, and to make it available online in some form.
Friendster’s current owner, MOL Global of Malaysia, said the site’s basic profile information and lists of friends would remain intact as it becomes more of an entertainment site. It is offering ways for members to download threatened photos and other material.

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