Nak Souvenier best?


Gimik je tajuk tu.. Jom baca ramai ramai kat sini:
Terima Kasih Nahmy kerana berkongsi..
Kita, manusia kadang lupa dan alpa..
Itu sudah sinonim dengan insan- yang pelupa..
Harap hari ini, seorang insan dah tolong ingatkan kita sesama manusia..
Kita digest bersama..

let stay calm for a while. did you know that 9 to 5 working hours actually belong to somebody else. let assuming that those hours is the working platform, then definitely this platform is not yours. you only work on that platform so that you can earn your wage. so, what about those 60 years? who actually own those years...and have you really sweat-out the best of yours so that you can earn your fruitful ‘wage’? 

yes, life is short brother and you really are concern on how you going to die?. well, that’s actually beyond our control. the one that actually within our control is how we going to live? because this will determine how our next life going to looks like. by all means brother, live the life to the fullest by of course following the instructions given by the ‘owner’ of the working platform.


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