Nak Souvenier best?

What Is Standing Time ? / Masak Guna Microwave.

Lepas buat entry tentang cara cara memasak guna microwave, cari la pula resepi resepi yang senang nak guna microwave. Kejap.. Apa itu microwave?.. (Akan di google di kemudian hari..) .

Yang pastinya jumpa la banyak banyak perkataan 'standing time' ni..

Nah.. Jawapannya:

Sila transalet sendiri..


  • Standing time is used in food preparation to denote an interval when the food item is left standing. No further cooking, no stirring, no addin' stuff, no "nothin'" is done during this time. The preparation of a simple and elegant dish of oatmeal usually includes a short amount of standing time, and the traditional cook will let the dish stand for a brief period. The standing time is included for a reason, and the reason is exactly what you think it is.
  • Standing time means exactly as it sounds...time recipe sets aside for something to cool, rise etc


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