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Everybody Doesn't Have To Love Me

Not everybody has to love me or even like me.
I don't necessarily like everybody I know,
so why should everybody else like me?
I enjoy being liked and being loved,
but if somebody doesn't like me,
I will still be okay and still feel like I am an okay person.
I cannot make somebody like me,
any more than someone can get me to like them.
I don't need approval all the time.
If someone does not approve of me, I will still be okay.

~Dah lama mencari poem ni, akhirnya jumpa jugak!! suka suka suka


nur aisya humaira said...

wahh,bagus poem ni...
bgi spirit kt diri sye jugak..:)

iszieylyanziy said...

suke this poem,,

mia said...

eh..nampak berbeza sikit blog nur hari ni..ape ya..font da besar sikit kot..kan?

Peri PiA said...

like it too :)

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