Nak Souvenier best?

Tolong Promote

Saja je nak tolong promote.. siapa siapa yang takde keje tu.. jom le join kontes cikP kat SINI

Kat bawah ni Syarat diyer aje… senang banget..

All you have to do is...
1. Complete this sentence: "Love to me is ...." or "Cinta bagi saya adalah..."
2. Post it in your blog and provide the link to Cik Peah OR
3. Email it to Cik Peah's email address by putting this title "Cik Peah's Contest"
4. Contest ends on 18th January 2011 at 12.00 p.m
The line can be as long as you can...or it can be an essay....or it can be a short snippet line...But the one that touches Cik Peah's heart will be the winner...

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