Nak Souvenier best?

Seronok Pula Ye?..

Children will venture to ask more questions when they are not worried about making mistakes and getting punished. They want to explore the world. Their questions will stimulate greater interest.

Children as young as four sometimes ask perceptive questions, such as: “How are the butterfly and the moth different?” “What would happen if we didn’t have mosquitoes?” “How does the lion feel being trapped in the cage?” and “Why do we have blood in our bodies?”

The next time you spot an ant trail somewhere in your house, invite your child to follow it by saying: “Where are the ants going? I wonder what they are doing.”

~Rentetan melayari internet petang tadi..maka terjumpa la beberapa artikel menarik(seperti di atas)..

~Kanak kanak zaman sekarang ni memang power power tau soalan nya... Cubela jawab ye,,,,

"Rogol Tu Apa, Bu?"



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