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Jangan Sign Cek Kosong

~Kesimpulannya: Jangan sign semberono.. Siasat dahulu..

SEMPORNA, Dec 27 (Bernama) -- Community leaders, especially Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK) chiefs, are reminded to be more careful when validating documents related to applications for native certificates and birth certificates.

Minister in the Chief Minister's Office Datuk Seri Nasir Tun Sakaran said community leaders must practise caution to avoid mistakes when carrying out the responsibilities entrusted to them.

"It is okay if the documents they sign are clearly those of residents in their area, but if they certify documents of people from outside their area or those they do not know, then it is an offence and even a threat to the country."

Nasir was speaking to reporters after closing a seminar involving district chiefs, native chiefs, native chief representatives, village heads and heads of the Chinese community, on Monday.

He also urged community leaders to strive to provide better services for the people so that all programmes and policies mapped out by the country's leaders could be realised.

He said the government's move to increase community leaders' monthly allowance, as announced in the national budget, should serve as motivation for them to work harder.



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