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Cara Memanggang Ayam

Jumpa yang ni menarik perhatian:tapi ni untuk turkey.. Ala ala sama ngan ayam la ye. visit sini for more;
Keyword: trust your instinct
Basic Steps:

The key to any good roasted or grilled meat or poultry is the seasoning time. It actually doesn’t really matter what you use to season but rather how long. I have made very nice roasted turkey for Christmas using only brandy, salt and pepper. Season and leave it overnight in the fridge. Wrap or keep it in a casserole, leave at the normal fridge, not the freezer. Time it right, take your bird/meat out at least 3 hours before you want to roast it. This way, it won’t be too cold inside. Anyway, if you have seasoned well with salt, the meat will not go bad in three hours.

~jangan guna brandy ye.. yg ni sebab kopipes web ni..untuk panduan n perlu modified.. jangan tiru bulat2..

Aluminium foil is essential to make sure that you get a perfectly roasted chicken or turkey. Cover the part nearest to the heating element. I roast my chicken/turkey breast side up. So, I shield it with a piece of aluminium foil. You can see the chicken breast is not burn but it has been cooked. If any part of the poultry is turning too brown, just tear off another piece of foil and cover up that part. It is a chore, I know but it is worth it.

~kalau tak guna foil jadi camne ye?

Normally, a huge bird will take at least 2 hours of roasting at 180 deg celcius. I normally use 180 deg celcius because my oven has a rotating thingie so I don’t need 200 deg celcius (usual recommended temperature). To check if the chicken is cooked, just insert a skewers or chopstick into the thickest part of the meat. The thigh usually takes the longest time to cook. If you stab that sharp skewer in and clear juices flow out, the meat is cooked. If you see blood, you will need another 30 minutes at least. If you have a microwave cum normal grill, this will not happen.
Here’s how I roast my chicken/turkey:
1st 10 minutes – Grill + microwave (remember, no aluminium foil or it will cause spark)
next 1 hr 30 minutes – Baking temperature at 180 deg celcius with aluminium foil
last 20 minutes – Grill or crank up the temperature to 200 deg celcius to brown the parts that are not browned yet.
~nak masak ni pun kena test2 juga kan.. mata dah terbayang2 ayam keni rojers yg menawan itu

Don’t apply too much sauces during the roasting process because they tend to burn. When you are sure your meat is cooked, then, only splatter them. I used teriyaki sauce. Anything like honey and butter will give that nice sheen to your meat.
~owh- petua ni..

After covering the bird with your choice of sauce, put it back to the oven for a quick browning.
~colouring time

~untuk pakar2 masakan yg terbaca ni ada apa2 komen/ petua.. amatla di alukan.. yang kurang pakar tapi nak kongsi boleh juga kat sini ye.. thanks a lot


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