Nak Souvenier best?

Takmau Tambah Kalori Melampau?

~Kalau kat negara kita ni kira Supper tu makanan terakhir pada hari tu.. Jadi kalau makan pukul 1- 2 pagi tu dah kira hari lain kan?.. Yang tu nak panggil apa lak ye?.. Breakfast? Early breakfast ye?..

Supper is the name for the evening meal in some dialects of English - ordinarily the last meal of the day. Originally, in the middle ages, it referred to the lighter meal following dinner, which until the 18th century was invariably eaten as the midday meal.

The term is derived from the French souper, which is still used for this meal in Canadian French, Swiss French and sometimes in Belgian French. It is related to soup. It is also related to the German word for soup, Suppe. (The Oxford English Dictionary, however, suggests that the root, sup, retains obscure origins.)[1]

Jom kawan- kawan ajak mereka ni Supper.. ,,
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